Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adventure Time

So I've been on a couple fun little outings the last couple days...

First stop: Sundance Resort.
I've been up Sundance Canyon a million times, but never stopped at the resort. My daddy and I were heading up there to do some work on the cabin so we stopped at the resort along the way. We walked around outside and inside the gift shop and deli. Oh how I love some fresh mountain air.

This poor tree had ice an inch thick around its entire trunk...
I felt so bad for it :[

Second Stop: Mine Shafts in Elberta, Utah.
I was taken on quite the adventure with Trent, Zach, Wacey, and Natalie. We filled 2-liter bottles with gasoline and lit gasoline-soaked rags on fire and dropped them down a mine shaft over a mile long. When the hit the bottom they blew up and lit the coal down there on fire. Way awesome.

It was so scary walking across these bars with nothing under us for a mile!

They were joking about how this is the hole to drop dead bodies down... Eww.

It's cooler in person and we could feel the heat come back up.

Fun times :]

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