Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day In The Life.

This is day 01 of my 30 day blog challenge... :]
[A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was]

Girl. 20 years old. Loves her friends, her family, and her job. Loves the outdoors. Loves music, art and books. In love with the beach. Wants to travel the world someday. Paris, New York City, Rome, Ireland, Fiji... Just a few places she'll eventually see. Loves LOVE. Loves kids and learning anything about Psychology, Health and Human Anatomy. Hates Math. Loves fashion and home decore. Wants summer to come back. LDS. Loves IKEA. Has dreams and goals and WILL reach them. Soon.

Today was one of the more boring days. My great friend, Jordan Carl Martin Makin is out of town. I'm quite jealous he spent the day in Disneyland! Hopefully he's having fun! I spent a while cleaning and organinzing my room and doing laundry. I went job hunting for a while and took a drive to clear my head and to enjoy the beautiful day that was so sunny with a gorgeous blue sky. I talked with a couple other lovely friends; Stacie, and my all-time best friend, Trent. Tomorrow Trent and I are going snowshoeing :] Adventure Time. I also watched the American Idol auditions. Just a day in the life. Tomorrow will be more fun!