Saturday, April 2, 2011


Fact. I pretty much never blog anymore... And it sort of depresses me.
Fact. I'm so effing exhausted right now its not even funny. I don't even know why I'm blogging. I should be sleeping.
Fact. Ten hour work days suuuuckk. Especially THIS ten hour work day. It was as bad as back-to-school time... Every woman and ALL their children and sisters and nieces and nephews and friends and kids friends and neighbors and cousins and strangers decided to shop at Justice today... (catch my drift?) 
NOT KIDDING. Holy efffff. Men, stop going to conference priesthood sessions and control your wives shopping sprees! JK... Priesthood is a great thing, keep going :]
Fact. I'm starving.
Fact. My Diet Coke sucked today. Total let down.
Fact. My room is the biggest disaster it's been in a long time! I literally am going to wash all my clothes cause I'm not sure whats clean or dirty anymore.
Fact. I'm a blessed young soul. And I'm thankful.
Fact. I'm so glad to have my car back and all fixed up. It's pretty.
Fact. I LOVE Justin Bieber. Like, a lot... A LOT.
Fact. It really makes me sad to see my sister change so much. I feel like I don't know her anymore... I don't even remember the last time we spoke.
Fact. I'm still sooo happy my hair is back to blonde-ish :]
Fact. I'm going to find food now, clean my room for a bit, and hit the sack.

Peace hoe.