Friday, February 4, 2011

...And They Lived Happily Ever After.

[Day 06- Your Dream Wedding]

What an interesting subject considering EVERYONE is getting married right now. It's gotten me thinking lately... But I'm still convinced I'm never getting married. But hey, wedding planning is fun anyway! Maybe I'll just make a career out of it?? Don't worry. I only changed my mind about a billion times. But I think I got it :] so here it is...

Engagement Photos

I want super fun and unique photos.

I absolutely dig this. Love love love.

And This. I want all my photos in this vintage color or black and white.

I love the umbrella. I'd defiantly make it red!


Love the birds.

Love the peacock feather!

Love the bling :]

The Bride
Love the bottom half of the first dress, hate the top.
The top part of this second one is much better.

Love how the layer falls.

With grey pearl jewelry...

I like the classic T-Swift loose curly up-do.

Maybe incorporate a braid into the T-Swift up-do?

I also like this one.
Yep, I'm totally wearing Vans.
You think I'm going to stand around all day in heels?! No way!

The Groom

Love the J Crew. But a regular black tie please.
PS- This beautiful man will be my husband.

Bridesmaids & Groomsman

The color is called Peacock!

Flower Girl

More of a guava shade tho...

The Reception



Chocolate Brown


I love the tent feel of these.

Peacock blue table cloths.

Table Numbers

SO doing the Polaroids!! :]

Love the heart shaped plates.

Low hanging chandeliers over each table.
The only lighting I want is from these dim chandeliers and candles.

The cake table. 

The cake! (The most important part!)
I like the colors and how it's square and that it's chocolate.
It defiantly has to be chocolate.

I do like this cakes icing designs better tho...

The topper.

Definitely having cupcakes... How cute!

Party favors! I will fill them with these little chocolates.


Rotini pasta with chicken breast, steamed asparagus, baked tomatoes and fresh Parmesan.

Desert shots!

After the reception we will leave in a carriage...

And live happily ever after...


  1. Wow! For someone who never wants to be married... You have very good taste & an eye for planning! You can totally plan mine someday girly! : )

  2. That's lovely. I love the bridesmaid jewelry! You'll have a beautiful wedding. I confess I haven't thought about mine at all, other than the fact that I want a Funfetti wedding cake. :-)