Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Technology Shmecknology.

I have defiantly slacked MAJOR at this whole 30 day blog challenge thing. And since lately, I'm trying to not be a bum and give up on things... I'm going to finish.

[Day 10- Something you don't leave the house without]

That's easy. My phone, duh. Cell phones make the world go round. Take a little trip down memory lane and remember the time before you had a cell phone... Weird right? I mean, everyone was actually somewhat productive instead of wasting hours shooting pissed off birds at poor little innocent pigs, or wasting our lives on Facebook mobile... We actually probably drove safer too because we weren't constantly texting. Okay maybe that's not true. Lets be honest... We all had phones before we started driving so... We've been distracted from day one. Terrible.
I just got a sweet new GPS Droid. It's so great. now I can basically do anything I want on one little device... Even Wordz with Frenz! ( On the go :] )

Also, I don't leave my house without my ipod, duh. My ipod is my first love. I would be crushed, devastated beyond belief if I were to loose my ipod. Every time I even miss place it and have to actually look for it, I practically have a heart attack. Music is my constant.

Thank the heavens for technology. We'd be so bored all the time without it...

We don't wanna be so bored we do something stupid like this kid... Yikes.

There has GOT to be some better things to do with your time...

50 things to do when you're bored:

1. Count the number of people who die in Avatar.
2. Play solitaire on your computer... Blindfolded.
3. Go for a drive... Blindfolded (only for the really reckless).
4. Sing all the songs on all the Beatles albums in descending chronological order.
5. Sit in the park with a Reuben sandwich and rate all the males or females who pass you by.
6. Buy a goldfish and stare at it for hours until you get eye-strain.
7. Give your goldfish a perm.
8. Invent an extinct language and experiment with it at your the local Pizza Hut.
9. Be GOD for a day.
10. Walk your neighbor’s Iguana.
11. End world hunger.
12. End your hunger by jogging down to McDonald’s
(works well for those unsuccessful at ending world hunger).
13. Drink all the alcohol you can find in the house.
14. Try to catch twenty-nine grapes in your mouth in a row. If you miss one... Start over.
15. Dye your hair to match the colors of the Zimbabwe flag.
16. Practice you Haiku writing skills.
17. Tweet to God.
18. Wait for his answer reciting The Lord’s Prayer backwards while standing on your head.
19. Learn the two hundred and seventeenth page of the Yellow Pages by heart.
20. Put the two hundred and seventeenth page of the Yellow Pages to music.
21. Set up an obstacle course in your living room and invite over your great-grandmother.
22.  Mine for gold. If you find any, send me an email and I’ll forward you my bank account number.
23. Mow your carpet.
24. Vacuum your lawn.
25. Get a job telling jokes at funerals.
26. Sculpture the Mona Lisa out of ice-cubes and attain world fame.
27. Find the Holy Grail.
28. Disprove the theory that cats have nine lives.
29. Run for president.
30. Write and produce the sequel to Seinfeld.
31. Build a full scale pyramid in your backyard.
32. Invent X-ray vision and sell it at adult stores.
33. Rent the Brooklyn Bridge to tourists by the hour.
34. Invent an automatic sushi dispenser.
35. Run for Pope.
36. Kidnap Barbie and get ransom money from Ken.
37. Refuse to return Barbie until the Monopoly money is replaced with real bills.
38. Spend a weekend in Hugh Hefner’s jacuzzi.
39. Spend another weekend in Hugh Hefner’s jacuzzi after first removing Hugh.
40. Skydive nude over the Vatican.
41. Ride a Hippogriff.
42.  Go bowling with a watermelon.
43. Phone all your ex's, tell them “I’ve just won the lottery and…” then disconnect.
44. Volunteer to serve in Vietnam.
45. Teach your pet rock to play dead.
46. Answer cute ads from Craig’s List.
47. Answer not so cute ads from Craig’s List.
48. Play April Fools pranks in May.
49. Come up with incredibly stupid merchandise that can be sold in gift shops... Then go and try to sell your ideas.
50. Sponsor the Annual Parrot Throwing Competition in South Kensington.

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