Wednesday, February 9, 2011


[Day 09- A TV show you're currently addicted to]

Okay well duhh... Everyone knows I love One Tree Hill. The music is amazing. I have quite the collection of music and I find a lot of it through OTH. They've had lots of guest appearances from bands and musicians who play at club Tric. The show also has some great quotes. I love quotes- I'm always looking for good ones. I love how the characters interact with each other. They have strong friendships and I love that considering I love my friends.

Also... It really doesn't hurt that the boys are really not bad to look at... :]

The gorgeous Chad Michael Murray

The beautiful James Lafferty

Austin Nichols... The man who WILL be my husband.

The babe, Stephen Colleti.

Also, recently my friend Jordan and I have been watching this show on Netflix called Creature Comforts... It's hilarious.
Its a claymation show made by the same guys who make Wallace and Gromit. They interviewed hundreds of Americans across the country on different topics... Anything from feeding time, to medications they take.

This is the old cat couple. The lady cat is such a cute little grandma.

This is a mother and Son. The son is a total dick to the mom, but it's hilarious.

These are the lovebirds. She totally understands him but he's a typical guy. He doesn't get anything :]

It's great. If you have Netflix, WATCH IT!

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