Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bucket List

There are so many things I would love to do before I die...
Some of them I wish I could share with someone special...
But I'm not going to wait around forever so I suppose I'll get started on it by myself.

Here's my list so far.

Go skydiving.
[This is my friend, Josh in the red. So jealous of this!]

Bungee Jump off the tallest bridge in the world--
Millau Viaduct in Southern France.
[This bridge is 343 meters which converts to 1,125 Ft. tall.]

Swim with dolphins.
Swim with sharks.
See the Eiffel Tower.
Meet Eminem.
Hike Timp Mountain- (Going this summer with daddy and BFF, Trent :] )
Move out of state for a while.
Go to Lake Powell.
Base jump.
Wake board.
Touch the Great Wall of China.
Ride in a hot air balloon.
Scuba dive.

See New York City.
[Especially Times Square]

See Phantom on Broadway.
Hike a volcano.
Ride an elephant.
Meet Justin Bieber.
Work in the music industry and the fashion industry at the same time. And rock it.
Adopt a child who needs a loving family and a safe home.
Touch Jared Leto.
Teach second grade.
Go to a rave.
Go to Colorfest.

Have a real bonfire party on a legit beach at the ocean.

Go to Ireland.
Go bowling at Pop 'N Pins in Preston, Idaho- (Where they filmed the bowling scene in Napoleon Dynamite)
Find the grave in the Salt Lake cemetery that says "Taken by the devil himself" on it.
Go back to Disney World and take pictures with every Disney Princess.
Find something cool with my name on it- (NOT the gay Winnie the Pooh key chain... :[ )

Time travel into the past and watch the Beatles perform.
[Okay maybe it's not really THAT realistic but... It would be so awesome]

Go to a real ghost town, and yes... Ghost hunt the crap out of that place.
Do 12 days of Christmas to someone.
Go on the Ferry ride at Niagara Falls
See the Mississippi River.
Meet someone suuuuper famous.
Steal a stop sign.
Steal the Jackass Blvd sign.
Go to the jungle and rain forest.
Go shopping at the Cesar Palace Mall with a rather large sum of money.
Gamble on the slots.
Meet Lady Gaga.
Take a summer road trip with some fabulous friends.
Take a train trip with BFF, Trent up to Portland and Seattle.
Ride in a taxi.
Ride in a Limo- (with the Champagne, of course.)
Buy my own house.
Be an artist like I used to be.
Learn how to play the guitar.
Run five miles in 30 minutes.

Go to a real lighthouse.

Go to Arches national Park.
Be baptized for my Great Granny who died.
Fall in real love.
Get married in the temple.
Have pretty little babies :]
Live happily ever after :]

That's just the beginning. I'm sure I'll think or more someday :]


  1. You're going to be busy the rest of your life.. ;)

  2. Pop 'N Pins!! I've bowled there! I've blogged about it. Ahahaha!