Friday, March 11, 2011

The days Events...

Today... was an eventful day.

First of all, it's 3/11/11.... 311... DUH.

{Sweet Pic}

Next, the Japan disaster is just horrifying. It makes me so sad to watch the news and hear the updates. It absolutely breaks my heart. Hopes and prayers go out to everyone who has been effected. Also, prayers go out to those who are working their butts off to deliver aid and support during this tragic time.

{soooo sad}

[[ I had a fabulous interview this morning full of positive news.
Cross your fingers and your toesies for me!! ]]

Then, I went shopping today. The 'rents gave me a hundred and fifty buckaroos from their tax return for me to spend on "ANYTHING, but bills or gas". (My mothers words... Not mine. But I'm NOT complaining!) Thanks Mom & Dad!

Finally, I got to see my BFF, Trent today. We went to a wedding receptions which was lovely. Everything was beautiful. Then we went for a short drive and chatted... Caught up on life. Then he showed me the motorcycle he wants. It's sweet.

Then I took little brother to dinner because he had a bit of a rough night. I figured I'd be a good big sis and try to cheer him up. Hopefully it helped...?

Today, I felt like I grew up a little bit.
It's a good feeling.
It's positive.

I still miss some frenz terribly.
 I feel like I haven't spent much time with anyone lately since I've been working and sick.

Mostly I worry about Japan. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Also my Old friend, Hope and Brett Ovard... Whos baby boy that was just born is now at Primary Childrens Hospital undergoing surgeries.
This is her update: 
"So Gage has what's called a diaphragmatic hernia. Today they did surgery to close the hernia. When they went in to repair things they had to take his spleen, part of his stomach, and his small and large intestines out of his left chest cavity and put things back in place. They left the wound open so that his abdomen can adjust to having the organs in the right place and they will close it next Tuesday or Wednesday. Looking at the x-Ray he has a left lung and it fills the entire cavity (the nurse said usually with this problem you don't see that much lung), so right now things are looking good, it'll still be a long recovery so primary childrens will be our new home for the next month (or months). Thanks for all the prayers they have truly been felt."
{Pray for their little bundle of joy}

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