Sunday, March 13, 2011


These are my thoughts right now:

-Today was a useless day. I never even got ready.
-I still feel like crap even though I slept most of the day.
-I'm annoyed with so many things right now.
-Boys are retarded.
-I need a punching bag.
-Actually, I need to go for a long run... Far, far away.
-Best friends "forever" is crap. It doesn't mean anything.
-I need a vacation. Somewhere really fun where I can forget things just for a while.
-I hope I get this job. I'd be rich.
-I've been cleaning my room all night and I can't even tell yet. That's how bad it was.
-I don't want to get up at 5 freakin AM tomorrow to work.
-But, I'm glad I get to leave when the store actually opens.
-Hopefully I get off on time cause I want all you can eat french toast from Kneaders with Jordz.
-Daylight savings is stupid.
-I need to check if my gym pass is still good. I should have checked three months ago.
-I need to get skinny. REALLY skinny. And fast.
-I wish I were back in school.
-It makes me sad when people die on TV shows.
-I'm obsessed with the music from One Tree Hill. It's so good.
-I wish I could breathe out of my nose.
-I hope tomorrow is a nice day.
-Tomorrow is Trents birthday.
-I got him a weird gift. But he'll probably like it.
-I'm still annoyed. This vent sesh didn't do much good.
-I quit.
-Then end.


  1. When I think really skinny I think of you! Just sayin.

  2. yeah, i really dunno how you could get any skinnier, bridge.

  3. Wanna be my workout buddy this summer? We can get really skinny together! Haha :)