Wednesday, March 16, 2011

trenton grant edwards

It's been a very busy last couple of days and I haven't had the time to post about something

My BFF's birthday!
Trenton Grant Edwards; Born March 14, 1990

{This is a classic Gangsta-Trent photo...}

Things I love about this boy & some memories:

-He's super chill.
-We have a lot of similar views and see eye to eye on a lot of random topics.
-We have suffered through Kava parties together.
-Ghost hunting is our favorite past time.

{Ohh emm geee... Ghost droppings...}

{He's the BEST ghost hunting partner!}

-We have been on more drives together than you could imagine, and it's fun every time!
-We went to Gay Pride together. Yikes.
-He's such a great friend-- He got me through some really difficult things in my life just by listening and being there when I needed him. Poor kid listened to the same crap for like six months and was okay with it! {I think?? Haha}
-He comes from such an awesome family. His parents are so bomb and raised him well!
-He's a hard worker-- At everything! He works everyday, he was going to school full time [Before he graduated and became a certified MA, which I'm proud of him for!] and he usually goes to the gym everyday! Gettin' those ripped muscles for the ladies :]
-He still goes to math class {which I know he hates} but still passes and makes it look easy!
-He has really good taste in movies. Like, REALLY good. Every movie we've watched has been fabulous! He showed me one of my now all-time favorites Into the Wild.
We be Christopher Mccandless fans :]
-He's always down to go to a random local show with me. So fun.
-He also has great taste in music. He's introduced me to some favs... Especially Band of Horses! Where would I be without the Horses? {There have been so many others as well.}
-He's capable of loving someone. I watched him love a girl and get his heart broken, over and over... But he's stayed strong in the face of it all which kinda gives me hope for myself... If he can do it, so can I!
{PS- I don't recommend breaking his heart... Cause it makes me want to beat your #*%!$&@* and kill you-- Which you really don't want.}
-I enjoy the fact that he's a great photographer!

{One of our favorite ghost hunting locations}

I'm sad I don't have copies of some of my favorites of his work to share... They're on his computer...
They're fabulous tho, and he's made really sweet canvas prints of a few.
Someday I'll share :]

-He can still hold a good conversation with me when he's gaming... Which is rare for a guy!
-We have a mutual love for cereal and eat it together often.
-He's bad ass enough to get a motorcycle. {Not purchased yet, but he's been looking!}
-He's the only guy I've ever been BFF's with that will sit and talk on the phone with me for an hour.
-He lets me wear his Indian pancho when I'm feeling a bit under the weather.
-He spends Halloween with me and my broken heart, complete with getting stopped and questioned by the cops. He always plays it cool.
-He's a good guy. He's ALWAYS had my back and has said the things I needed to hear.

I'm lucky that things worked out the way they did so that I could have Trent as my fabulous friend!
He's been amazing and I just looooooovee him!

Happie Happie Birthday!
♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. You're very lucky to have such a great friend! Happy birthday, Mr. Trent!